Ptolemy, Epytoma... Almagestu{m} (Venice, 1496).  OU History of Science Collections.
Ptolemy, Epytoma… Almagestu{m} (Venice, 1496). OU History of Science Collections.

Welcome to the website/blog for HSCI 3013.001, The History of Science to the Age of Newton, at the University of Oklahoma.  This site is still under construction, so please excuse the empty pages — they will all be filled eventually!  This site contains (or will contain when it’s finished) almost all the reading material for HSCI 3013.  It also contains links and references to some of the many resources for investigating the history of science in premodern times.  I welcome suggestions for other resources and will add these throughout the semester.  In addition to content that I add, there will also be a substantial amount of student-generated content.  This site is open to the public, and I hope it is useful to people interested in exploring these topics.  Some features of the course — the gradebook, a few copyright protected readings, and quizzes — will be on a private D2L site accessible only to students enrolled in the course.

The class is organized into three sections: Heavens, Earth, and Human Body.  We will start this week with the heavens and examine ancient Greek ideas about the cosmos.

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